Máscaras de Proteção

Disposable Hygienic masks

Individual and disposable protection mask. Produced according to EN149 standard. Designed to protect individuals from inhaling droplets and particles suspended in the air and infectious pathogens.
Do not include exhaling valve

FFP2 masks

Hipoalergenic, protects from dust and mist. Respirator produced according to EN 149 standars.
Effective filter of at least 94%, against toxic dust, fibers, mists, and oil Flexible and padded nasal adjustment, ensuring a good facial fit. Easy to put on and off. No latex.

FFP3 masks

Hipoalergenic, protects from toxic dust and mist Specification similar to FFP2 but additionally with more effective filter.
Follows as well norm EN149

KN95 Mask

Multi-layer protection, safe, soft, comfortable & breatheable